Spilled tea

Early dinner at Chili’s with Mandy.

It’s been a relatively busy week for the team.

A few days ago I was looking through different stacks of documents, trying to sum everything up on a piece of worksheet. A colleague passed by carrying her huge cup and was on the way to the pantry, but decided to stop by my workstation for a while.

In an attempt to make me panic, she dramatically pretended to spill her drink on my documents. Which was fine, if the drink didn’t ACTUALLY spill on my documents.

So the different stapled sheets I had on my desk had disgusting dark tea marks on them. Big, rounds ones. A more careful glimpse, the tea also spilled on my keyboard WTF. To make it worse, it was herbal tea. Strong, funny-smelling herbal tea.

“What were you thinking?!”

“You know that thing people do – they pull the tablecloth and the plates land on the same spot…”

Her words trailed off my head. I can’t even. Sigh.

Trying to make it up to me, she dried the documents and offered to make a copy of them – I’m assuming so that I can deal with clean sheets instead of disgusting-looking papers. So she took all of them to the photocopier.

She came back after a minute or two she handed me the documents. Turns out she only copied the front page -_- The rest of the sheets were still… yellow.

Oh god, I gave up then.

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