Weekend Japanese date

Asked Asna out to KLCC for a late Japanese lunch and Moo Cow during the weekend. As soon as permission was granted from the household heads, she hurriedly dressed in a Zara button down shirt and tan leggings with golden zips at the sides – my birthday presents for her last year.

She checked herself out.

“I do look good, right?” 

“Of course”

She brought along a pink handbag, earlier stuffed with coins she had collected.

“What are you trying to do?”

My query was ignored.

So we decided to go to Umai-ya again. Sat at the exact table, where we had our date some time ago.

She screened the menu and decided that instead of her favorite ebi tempura, she’d settle for a kid’s meal. Once the waiter took our order she took out her purse and started to separate the coins so that it’d be easier for her to calculate how much she should give me – she was thinking of paying, with coins!

Halfway, though, she gave up.

“It’s not enough…”

She put the many coins back into her purse, slightly disappointed. Judging by how heavy the purse was, I had a suspicion that the coins were enough. Only she was tired of counting them!

A round of swapping food from each other’s plates and a few conversations later:

“Good meal! What’s the time now?”, she asked.

I showed her the time.

“Oh no, it’s Maghrib already right? We need to go before Isyak!”

I asked for the bill and placed my card. Was waiting for the slip where I should pen down my signature.

“Cikyong, why are we still here?” she asked, impatient.

“I’m waiting for my card, I need to sign it”

Doubt she understood the process of paying with a card, though. She probably pretended to understand.

In the car and on the way out, I was reminded that we didn’t get ourselves any Moo Cow – that was one of the agenda!

“Eh Asna, we forgot to buy Moo Cow! Sigh, maybe we should’ve gone out of the house sooner”

“Oh that’s okay, next time. We can go next week”, she tried to console me.

Sometimes she sounds like the bigger sister, I’m starting to think it’s because most times I’m so dramatic with her for the fun of it.

“What do you plan to do when we reach home?”, I said, just trying to make a conversation.

Her response:


God, this girl’s priorities puts me to shame.

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  • Avatar
    February 1, 2013 at 5:48 PM

    good girl asna! i always love reading her story, and how clever she is! send my regards to her ya, as her beloved fan. hehe

    • Avatar
      February 1, 2013 at 6:29 PM

      Will do!

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