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March 2013

  • Tokyo

    Time alone in Tokyo

    This is a continuation of: Midnight adventure in Tokyo It was the day after my arrival in Tokyo. I was getting ready and on the way out for…

  • Style Diaries

    My Ferragamo Sparkle Barrette

    I always find the need to bring something home from the airport. This time it’s a sparkly Ferragamo barrette!
    Reached our hotel at Asakusa in the morning and we brought my mom to the Tokyo Skytree — now the tallest structure in Japan and the tallest tower…

  • Kofu

    Dining at Gusto

    One of Reza’s plans during my stay at Kofu was to bring me to the places that he frequented. Of all the places that he’s mentioned, he hadn’t…

  • Engagement Diaries

    Putting the effort

    In a Japanese drama I used to watch, a couple had decided to get married. The man had requested to meet with the girl’s family (who lived away…

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