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A boutique hotel, at a bargain

Liyana was in the States, so I was held responsible for booking the hotel for our trip to Singapore recently. With our combined budget in mind, there wasn’t a lot of to choose from – especially when we’re booking last minute. The search for an affordable hotel went on for a few days.

On, I spotted The Scarlet Hotel, a well-rated “luxury boutique” hotel at a bargain. Figuring it was a good deal, I booked it right away – a deluxe room heavily discounted, for SGD22… and that’s about RM55 per night! I wasn’t aware of the full prices of the room until I visited the hotel’s website later.

That night, though, I received an email from the hotel stating that they weren’t able to confirm my booking as “the rate loaded in the website was incorrect”. I was instead offered the room at a promo rate, a portion of the room’s actual price of SGD350. Gasp.

Disappointed, I contacted and asked them to clarify what was happening. After reading negative reviews on how the website handles their customers, I was afraid that my plea would be ignored.

But no, my call at midnight was attended to by’s customer service. They immediately investigated the issue and called later to inform me of the progress. I then received an email from them, stating that the reservations manager at Scarlet had confirmed the rate that I’d received in the first place and that my booking was confirmed. They were so efficient!

So that’s how I got our hotel.

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    March 3, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    We once had a booking unconfirmed because the hotel needs the booking number, which our ‘internet booking site’ just gave us the reference number. After few emails, the ‘internet booking site’ managed to secure our booking but that was the last time i`ll ever use their service. Lucky us to solve the problem before the departure or else we won`t have any place to sleep in Denmark (hotels are so expensive over there). 🙂

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      March 5, 2013 at 7:57 PM

      Yikes. Which service were you using? I was at first paranoid about using an intermediary to book, especially when I was booking for this hotel. But lega the issue was settled early.

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