Dining at Gusto

One of Reza’s plans during my stay at Kofu was to bring me to the places that he frequented. Of all the places that he’s mentioned, he hadn’t brought me to one. That evening after the graduation ceremony, he took me out to Gusto, a cafe slash restaurant near his place.

Gusto is a part of a family chain and it looks much like an American diner, price wise comparable to other chain restaurants like Saizeriya and Jonathan’s (or Secret Recipe if you seek a Malaysian benchmark).

He’s mentioned Gusto several times before. Whenever he tells me he’s hungry over Facetime, either he’d go missing for a while to go to Gusto or his food would be delivered minutes later… because he made a call to Gusto.


Food served are roughly Italian (if not fusion). We’re limited to ordering french fries, margherita and seafood pizza for the night. Now, we know I’d rather have Japanese instead, but this was his day. So I swallowed anyway X)

The best thing about this place? Its self-serve drinks bar, where customers get to try all sorts of drinks as they please for a flat charge! That night we became hoarders and although it’s really unlike me to have several different kinds of drinks in one night, I tried super creamy vanilla milk, mixed fruit juice and caramel macchiato. Or maybe more that I can’t recall.

Gusto became the hangout place for Reza and his mates on weekend nights and post futsal sessions, because contrary to many of the diners in Japan, this one opens till late (4:00AM, if not mistaken) and on top of it, they’d be able to spend hours while having bottomless drinks of different varieties there. He calls it their own mamak place!

So there. On the evening of his graduation day, Reza took me out to a mamak. An upmarket Japanese mamak.

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