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French lace

This post is a continuation of: In pursuit of a dusty pink modern kurung


Months ago my mum had gotten herself few beaded border lace to complement her recently acquired fabrics. She sent them to Shan Lyn, our tailor in Ipoh and has recently received the finished products, which turned out well. I was surprised at how little lace could do a dress that much good and was reminded it’s time I do the same.

The dusty pink silk and chiffon fabrics meant to be tailored last year have been sitting idle in a box after I learned that dressmakers were not accepting any more requests at the time. Took them out recently and headed to Jakel in Shah Alam to find complementing border lace. A tad nervous to not have my mum around to assist, obviously because she knows better and happens to get the best prices each time she meets one of the owners.

So I drove to the store on my own and went to the top floor, where the nicest laces are. Told the sales associate that I was looking for a French border lace sans beads and showed her the dusty pink fabrics that I brought along. She pulled out a few really nice ones to match them – the girl’s got taste!

Being the indecisive person I am, I had to get a second opinion. When I think I could do it on my own, I still had to call and consult… my mum! She was away on a course, so I had to text her the pictures and because I know nuts about the prices of fabrics, I had to know whether the price I was about to pay for was reasonable.

“That’s the standard price”

Well, if she says so, it must be true.

Came back with 1.4 meters of subtle gold French border lace and managed to get a further 10% off the discounted price as it was the last. So proud of myself. Achievement unlocked!

Now, time to send the silk, chiffon and lace to an expert.

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