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March 2013

  • Tokyo

    Midnight adventure in Tokyo

    Expected to land at 10:30PM that Sunday. Flight was full! Because I checked in really late, I was seated at the last row, which meant that as we…

  • Tokyo

    Nippori textile town

    Buying fabrics is hardly on one’s mind when it comes to Japan, but if you’re into high quality and affordable Japanese cotton, Nippori’s the place you should head…

  • Asna

    The new house policy

    This happened some weekends ago. I was trying to ask Asna to accompany me out: “Do you want to go to Setia City Mall with me?” She nodded…

  • Style Diaries

    My Gallo Silk Maxi

    Haven’t gotten any new clothing as of late… and that’s because I’d grown terribly picky when it comes to adding new clothes into my wardrobe! However, I managed…

  • Asna

    Starting young

    You may find this post relevant: Asna now reads newspapers Asna’s dream house is still on her mind – she does not stop talking about it and still asks everyone…

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