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Reza’s graduation day

Reza's graduation day

Reza officially graduated last Friday, with a master’s degree in engineering. That was actually the reason I bought the ticket to Japan this time.

After spending two nights in Tokyo, I took a bus to Kofu to assist Reza and his mum with packing things before he returns to Malaysia for good. Just before the graduation day, we almost completely cleared out his duplex and shipped about twenty large boxes.

Road in front of University of Yamanashi

University of Yamanashi’s graduation ceremony was held at a hall in Kofu, a 5-minute ride away from the university. We were picked up by and carpooled with the Malaysian students in the morning, all graduating on the day.

Outside the hall

Entrance to the hall

Lady in hakama

Was informed that the graduation ceremonies in Japan are carried out quite differently than what I’m used to. I assume that they’re quite minimalistic in that sense – there were no robes, no flowers or professional photoshoots taking place. The guys came in their suits, while many of the ladies were wearing this traditional attire widely worn during graduation, known as the hakama.

The graduate

The graduates went into the hall first, while guests were led to the upper floors.

The stage of the graduation ceremony

While graduates sat at the stall, guests seated at the circles. Had the pleasure of listening to the university’s orchestra prior to the ceremony. The curtain was drawn up as it began, revealing a group of people I assume were professors of the university.

Best students receive scrolls

Japanese graduates don’t usually go on the stage to receive their scrolls. In this case, the best students from each faculty for both graduate and postgraduate studies do. They represent those from their respective schools in receiving the scrolls.

The choir

After that we were entertained by the university’s choir and orchestra again. My favorite part of the ceremony!

And as the audienceĀ applauded, the curtain was drawn down, signifying the end of the ceremony. Out of the hall we went. They’re officially graduates!


Photo sessions ensued outside the hall. Myself with the girls I’ve gone snowboarding with:

Pai and Nomi



And the boys, celebrating:


Past Friday prayers, everyone returned to the university. It’s time to get their scrolls!

Inf ront of University of Yamanashi

Such a good feeling to be walking up the main road in the city, Takeda-dori, while the sky is blue, the sun shining brightly and sakura blooming in front of our eyes! How fortunate the graduates were to have this kind of weather on their graduation day, because just days before it was very chilly and cloudy.

Ready for the scrolls

The graduates would gather in their respective classrooms and labs and obtain their certificates from their sensei. Group by group, they’d come out with a graduation certificate hand. All seemed ready to celebrate.

Reza showed up with his professor, whose research he has contributed to. The man with grey hair wore a sweater on top of a collared shirt, like a professor ought to be. He tried to converse and make light conversations with Reza’s mum in English, which was kind of adorable.

Then Reza went off to his lab to get his scroll, while his mum and I camwhored around the campus.

Reza got his scroll

Soon, he appeared. There’s our graduate with his own scroll!

Reza's certificate

So proud of it, he kept asking us to read it.

After that we were introduced to the lab staff and Reza’s labmates (he’s been working in a lab day in day out for the past few years). As if that’s not enough, he also introduced us to the university administrative staff, who all seemed to have a good relationship with him.

Well, someone’s popular.

Beneath the sakura

Six years of hard work paid off. Two years ago he earned himself a Bachelor. The closet geek is now a Master of Engineering!

One more step before he turns into (a less socially awkward) Sheldon Cooper.

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    congrats reza!!! wow mia,ur fiance is a smarty pants. sheldon cooper to be definitely hehehehe

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    hahah. that was an awesome closing remark! congrats!

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