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Staying at The Scarlet

Told you how I got a room at The Scarlet at a really low price, now it’s time to share the experience!

The Scarlet is a luxury boutique hotel which is located minutes away by foot from Chinatown, housed in a row of preserved shophouses on Erskine Road. Looked pretty chic from a distance. As we walked up the hill, we passed by rows of shops, hair and beauty salons and a cafe, which all had distinctive concepts before reaching the lobby.

The walk to the hotel didn’t seem that long, since we passed by rows and rows of shophouses in Chinatown.

We had a good first impression as we stepped inside. The hotel lobby was charming, felt glamorous and heavily decorated with boudoir furnishings. So Moulin Rouge! Check-in was swift. Within minutes we were led to our room that’s located on the ground floor.

I didn’t know what to expect, really. From reading, I learned that the hotel is famous for its beautiful themed suites, not so much for the normals room. In fact, I had thought that we’d be getting the most dodgy room. Maybe it’s a tiny room with old furnishing and low ceiling. Maybe it stinks. I mean, there must be a reason why they offered this room at a bargain.

And then the smiling lady opened the door for us.

Liyana’s first reaction:

“This does not look like a SG$22 room…”

Lol. Of course it didn’t. Silly us!

The deluxe room had ample space, hosted a king bed, a writing desk and a spacious wardrobe. Amenities include a minibar, kettle, bathrobes, bedroom slippers, flat screen tv with multiple channels and a back scratcher tied with ribbons and lace and labeled “Let me caress your back tonight…” (ooh, kinky!).

However, this particular room had no windows and the ceiling had a faint leak stains, but we didn’t mind so much considering the rate we’re paying.

My favorite part of the room? The super fancy bathroom. It was so thoughtfully furnished. There was even a small bouquet of fresh flowers on top of the counter! The outcome was so nice, I’d wished that I could have the counter, wash basin, taps, flowers and shower head at home. Amenities provided in the bathroom include hand, face and body towels and all sorts of nicely packaged toiletries.

Didn’t spend so much time in the hotel except for getting ready and sleeping, but I’d say our stay for the night was satisfactory. I wouldn’t be staying at The Scarlet if not for the offer that I’d gotten, because frankly I think I can get better deluxe rooms elsewhere for SG$350. But if you’re really up to try something different, go look for offers at or Agoda.

I would, however, pay for their signature suites when I can afford them in the future. Judging by reviews, seems like the suites are what The Scarlet is known for – they’re in a class of their own. They look good for honeymoons or adventurous nights with a significant other in Singapore (all pictures beneath were Googled):


And here’s the mother of all the suites, which consists two bedrooms and a living room:


Don’t you just want to own them?! These suites make me feel like I need to revamp my bedroom with French headboard and yards of velvet fabrics or something.

To see what else they’ve got over there, go visit The Scarlet Hotel’s website here.

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