The L’Occitane Cafe experience at Shibuya

It was pouring this one time when we arrived at Shibuya. We were hoping to get drinks at Starbucks, to rest our legs after a long walk, with seats facing the famous Shibuya Crossing. Disappointed though, because when it’s raining, one can expect everyone else to head to Starbucks to do the same. It was terribly packed.

After a round of music shopping at Tsutaya, we stepped out of the building and decided to have a drink at the place across the street – the L’Occitane Cafe.

And you thought they only have hand creams and soaps!

Reza and I have walked past this cafe so many times. We’d check out the hand creams on the ground floor, but never really went up to see what the cafe’s got to offer. Since my mum was tagging along this time, figured it’s time to try something new, fancy and pretty.

We were led to the table beside the window which provided a good view of the crossing. Colorful placemats greeted us at the table. The menu came shortly. We were there for drinks, but the desserts looked so tempting.

The price though, was a shocker — a cup of coffee there could buy us a meal elsewhere. I mean, we’ve tried out several cafes already, but L’occitane cafe takes the lead for the most expensive cup of coffee and desserts so far!

My mum then shared her view, that it’s okay to pay three times more – if the food and drinks are three times better. We decided to see whether this applies here and being the generous person she is, my mum offered to treat. Phew.

She ordered Cafe au Lait (¥950) and Blanc-manger Aux Fruits de la Saison (¥800) below:

Cafe au Lait came first. It’s served in a massive cup. This isn’t a cup of milk tea, it’s a bowl of milk tea!

And here comes Blanc-manger Aux Fruits de la Saison (I assume, French for pudding with fruits and raspberry sauce). Does it not look good? Thrilled when it arrived, looked better than the menu. Not only did it looked amazing, it tasted great! Pudding was creamy and complemented well by the raspberry sauce.

Reza ordered Cafe au Lait (¥800) I think. My coffee also had some kind of coffee art on top.

Then came my Creme Brulee:

I merely ordered this because it was recommended on the menu. Custard base at the bottom, hardened caramel on top. Raspberries for extra kick.

Didn’t expect much. Held my dessert spoon and dived in.

OH MY GOD. It’s so, so good. No, I don’t know how to articulate when it comes to food, but I swear, this Creme Brulee is the best dessert I’ve ever tasted it’s unreal!

I let my mum and Reza try it out, just to be sure that my taste buds weren’t messing with me, that I wasn’t overreacting. They concurred! Wish I had captured their facial expressions at the time.

What a pleasant discovery this was!

Sure we spent more than usual this time, but my mum seemed happy at the end, because the taste and experience we got here did commensurate with the price tag. She was so happy she wrote a TripAdvisor review with only good things to say about cafe.

So if you’re in Shibuya with someone special, head to the crossing and drag them to the L’Occitance Cafe (it’s so obvious there you won’t miss it). Try the desserts out – especially the two that we’ve tried. You won’t regret them.

Creme brûlée, I’ll see you in a few days.

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  • Avatar
    shida idris
    March 14, 2013 at 10:57 PM

    creme brulee tu stands utk apa ye? omg, shida sangat noob ye sebab selalu baca/tengok orang guna word tu utk tea la, dessert la. i thought creme brulee ni sejenis makanan….kekeke

    • Avatar
      March 15, 2013 at 10:52 PM

      Wikipedia says its also known as ‘burnt cream’ X) I’m a noob, too, Shida. I think it’s just the name of the dessert.

  • Avatar
    April 2, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    me sama with your mom.while im here in japan,i’ll always have the urge to try new cafes around town.they never fails to surprise me;)

    • Avatar
      April 6, 2013 at 11:51 PM

      It’s great to explore bit by bit kan? 🙂

  • Avatar
    August 22, 2015 at 12:46 AM

    Was in Shibuya around april this year, the first thing i searched for is this cafe. Too bad, we were in a rush to go to Shinjuku and didn’t manage to try the creme brulee. 🙁 i spotted the cafe tho.

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