Tokyo Skytree

Reached our hotel at Asakusa in the morning and we brought my mom to the Tokyo Skytree — now the tallest structure in Japan and the tallest tower in the world. It’s located in Sumida, just across the river and reachable within a few minutes by rail.

Since it’s still newly opened, the place is quite popular. Many Japanese flock to the tower to see what it’s about.

The 634-meter tall tower was built to relay television, radio and communications signals, gradually replacing the aging Tokyo Tower. But unlike Tokyo Tower, which is just… a tower, we can go to Tokyo Skytree to have fun — there’s a huge mall attached to the Tokyo Skytree, where people can shop, dine, play and go up to the observatory to get a good view of the city.




To get into the observatories, you can either pre-purchase the tickets online (in which you’ll need to make a super advanced purchase, only with a Japanese credit card) or buy them during the day. There are two observation decks in the tower with different entrance fees:

  • The Skytree Tembo Deck (350m above ground) ¥2000 per adult
  • The Skytree Tembo Galleria (400m above ground) ¥1000 per adult

Earlier on we had decided that walking around the compound of the tower would suffice. Plus, we’ve been to several observatories already.

Maybe I shall go up, another day.

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