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April 2013

  • Asna

    Bibik’s new cook book

    My Bibik sometimes gets on my nerves when it comes to food. Eating at home can be quite depressing when you can expect what’s going to be on…

  • Style Diaries

    My Valorie clutch in pale gold

    So you’d understand why I’m so excited:¬†Sparkle clutch Presenting… my new sparkle clutch! Before my mum went for her trip, she’d earlier asked if I wanted anything. I’m…

  • Tokyo

    Touching down before midnight

    If you’re taking the flight to Tokyo with AirAsia, you’re likely to reach Haneda Airport’s arrival hall late. The flights from KL land at about 10:30PM, but the…

  • Tokyo

    The other bodyguard

    After a week of being in Tokyo, I was at Haneda Airport once again. Not because I was returning home, but because Reza’s mom was KL bound, bringing…

  • Asna


    Since my parents weren’t around, I was tasked to send Asna to British Council last weekend. I had to do a few things, so I’d told her that…

  • Asna

    It’s not very effective

    Asna passed by while I was sitting at the hall and I tried tickling her. She escaped. “Cikyong used tickle… it’s not very effective” I got up to…

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