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Since I’m prone to losing things, seems like any queries of missing items in the house will be directed to me. On a few occasions, the missing items can be found somewhere in my room – like my brother’s capo, which was sitting idle in my closet or my mum’s camera, which was found inside my drawers recently (when I’d told her that I’d returned it to my dad).

Since I can be so absent-minded, sometimes I borrow things without returning, put them somewhere without registering it on my brain, thinking that I’d actually returned them…

On the weekend, they’d discovered that my mum’s keys were missing (not sure who’s the last to be using her car, since she’s not around). It was last seen at the round dining table inside the hall, where we usually put our car and house keys after returning home.

They thought that I’d be the one who had taken Mama’s keys by mistake. My maid had asked me to locate it at least five times already!

“Mana kunci Mama?”

“Mana saya tahu”

“Cari kalau ada dalam bag kamu”

“Tak ada lah. Saya tak sentuh pun!”

“Ala kamu tu selalu lupa”

Maybe I really took without realizing. At times I doubt myself, too. But I seriously have no memory of seeing or holding the keys last weekend.

Today, though, I received a text in the morning:

“Kunci Mama da jumpa. Maafin Bibik ye selalu tanya kamu”

“It’s okay. Dekat mana jumpa?”

“Bilik Mama”


But at least she was still so thoughtful to apologize.

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