A souvenir for Asna


Buying a “souvenir” from Tokyo for Asna wasn’t easy.

Since Rapunzel became her favorite Disney princess, she’d longed for a Rapunzel doll. At home the dolls are mostly sold out. She’s aware that I was going to head to a Disney theme park and when asked what she wanted me to bring home, her request was expected — she wanted a Rapunzel doll.

Using my mum’s phone, she texted me to check up on my progress.

Rapunzel 1

Like, every day.

Rapunzel 2

She’s so obsessed with it that I can’t mention other Disney princesses.

Rapunzel 3.PNG

Damn bossy.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any Rapunzel doll at the Disney stores, so I had to head to the gigantic Yodobashi Camera store at Akihabara to look for it. The floor dedicated to toys is like… Toys’Rus.

At the Disney Princess section there were so many dolls to choose from. Finally got the Rapunzel that she wanted, she can now shut up.

When I arrived, it’s the first thing I showed her. She was ecstatic.

Since she also returned from a trip recently, I asked her how it was like and what she’d gotten for me.

Her face changed.

“I got keychains for my BFFs.”

Then I learned that the keychains were for her schoolmates — there were none for me, although she has always maintained that I’m one of her BFFs. In fact, number one.

“You didn’t buy anything for me?!”

From her face, it was clear that she didn’t -_-‘ Then she proceeded to console me by offering some random thing she got… a postcard or something. I can’t remember.

Scumbag sister, you.

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