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The search for a classic Ferragamo barrette


If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’d know that I have a thing for Ferragamo headbands. Since I’d discovered them, I’ve owned five and that’s a lot considering how selective I am. However, interest in hair accessories from Ferragamo is not limited to headbands.

For my 21st birthday (not very recently), I’d gotten myself a very well made barrette featuring a black Vara bow with a faint gold buckle. It’s heavy and wide enough to clip all of my hair. This exact style I’m referring to is a sought after classic piece that’s not easily attainable in stores, at least in KL.

Mine’s gone through a lot. After four years, the barrette is still sturdy and functions properly. None of the hair clips I’ve worn as much as this one survives this long!

It had started to look worn out, though. The buckle had acquired scratches and the black grosgrain ribbon that makes up the bow had started to grow so dull over time. It’s been more than four years so I decided that, maybe it was time to replace it, no?

My search began a couple of months ago. I started looking at the stores in KL. Here, barrettes of different styles and colors were offered, but they’re mostly seasonal. A black Vara barrette in a gold buckle isn’t easy to find.So I tried looking for them while travelling.

The store with the best colors has got to be the one at KLIA’s satellite building. Displayed were headbands and barrettes in bright colors like hot pink, orange and purple. More importantly, they had the black barrette that I wanted! But I was slightly taken aback by the prices. The KLIA store is managed by a different entity than the other stores in the city, explaining why the goods there are priced quite differently (read: more expensively!) despite being in a duty free zone. Hence, I decided to look elsewhere.

The next store Ferragamo store I visited was the one at Narita Airport, late last year. No luck there. They only had the new season’s (spring) colors at the time, red and yellow.

A few months later, Liyana and I dropped by a Ferragamo store at Changi Airport, after the Norah Jones concert. Compared to the previous stores I’ve gone to, this one lacked variety and in fact, very dull. However and fortunately, they had my barrette! With the remaining Singaporean dollars that I had in hand, I bought it. And price wise, it’s more affordable than the ones in KL.

That’s it. I found my replacement. Mission accomplished!

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