Touching down before midnight

Haneda Airport Keikyu Line

If you’re taking the flight to Tokyo with AirAsia, you’re likely to reach Haneda Airport’s arrival hall late. The flights from KL land at about 10:30PM, but the walk and the queue to the immigration counter can be a little daunting. By the time you’re out, chances are you’d have missed the last train to the city. You now have three options…

Spending the night


You can choose to spend the night at the airport’s International Terminal like we did. There are ample of benches outside the arrival hall for you sleep on.


Haneda Airport has spacious and clean private multi-purpose restroom, should you want to get ready for bed  — or rather, benches. There’s a bed inside the multi-purpose restroom, but don’t sleep in there unless you want the airport staff to knock on the door and kick you out (… as experienced by Reza).

Staying somewhere near the airport

If you’re the type who needs a good night’s sleep like me or else end up with swollen, red puffy eyes the next day, scratch the idea above and go book a room at a hotel that’s near the airport, weeks prior to your arrival.

When both my parents and Asna were in Japan, Reza and I had booked rooms at Toyoko Inn (a budget hotel chain with overall good service and rooms) as they provide free shuttle buses to and from the airport, with the last bus leaving at midnight.

Toyoko Inn

Check them out:
Toyoko Inn Haneda Kuko No. 1
Toyoko Inn Haneda Kuko No. 2

Hail a cab

Most effective, but the last option for the budget conscious as a cab ride to the city can be even more expensive than staying at a nearby hotel – especially when you include the late night charge for rides after 10PM!

If money isn’t at all an issue, go get a cab to send you to your hotel in the city. Language may be a barrier though, so make sure you’ve got a full address to your destination to show to the driver – you don’t want to get lost at midnight.

Learn more about the airport limousine charges here, for both Haneda and Narita airports.

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    April 28, 2013 at 7:22 AM

    Okay this has nothing to do with the post but what camera do you use? Your photos are all amazing.

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      April 28, 2013 at 3:44 PM

      For the nicer pictures, usually my Canon EOS 550D. And thanks!

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    May 2, 2013 at 3:01 PM

    the last time we (6 adults and 2 babies) went to Tokyo, we already booked airport transfer which i feel more convenience when u travel in group, especially with babies during winter.

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