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May 2013

  • Asna

    Pissing off a Pokemon trainer

    Asna was playing Pokemon and my brother was beside her, giving moral support and coaching her. She’s been training her Pokemons really well, with the main ones almost…

  • Japan Tokyo

    2 guys, 1 girl & Akiba

    Learn more about the awesomeness of Akihabara: Revisiting the Electric Town Since my brother had dreamt about visiting this place, I thought it’d be nice to introduce him…

  • Asna's huehuehue


    Asna has a thing for this meme: She’d try to imitate it by pushing her shoulders up, close to her ears, sticking her jaws out, while saying, “Hue…

  • Japan Tokyo

    Puffy eyes

    On a train in Tokyo, Reza was telling me how having puffy eyes was the recent trend in Japan. He said that Japanese girls go for eye surgeries…

  • Style Diaries

    The paradox of choice

    The society generally supports the freedom of choice, but Barry Schwartz here argues otherwise and I can relate to what he’s talking about. Sometimes being given too many…

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