3 ringgit and 160 cents

Asna was knocking on my door.

“Cikyong, I want to tell you something.”

“In the afternoon, I need you to help me order pizza.”

“I want the 7 Meat Wonder with New York crust and the chicken. I calculated already, it’s RM39.80.”

She handed me cash.


“Here’s three ringgit and one hundred and sixty cents”

It was all blurry.

After having a shower, I went to see her again.

“You said you wanted what?” I asked, as I looked at the Domino’s Pizza menu.

“7-Meat Wonder with New York crust and this,” she pointed to the add-on box.

I was skeptical.

“You’re having all this, alone?”

“No, we share.”

“But I don’t eat pizza.”


“Did Mama give you money?” my parents were out to a wedding reception.

“No… But I gave you some money just now, three ringgit and one hundred and sixty cents!”

Seriously? That doesn’t even cover 15% -_-‘

So she expected me to pay for the pizza.

I can, but it’s unreasonable for her to order such a huge amount and spend so much on lunch. Plus, it’s not very proper to expect other people to pay for you! So I chose to not let it slide.

“It’s too much. You won’t be able to finish it. Can we order you a personal size instead? But they’ve only got normal crust for that”

“Okay, in Aloha Chicken?”

My parents reached home.

“Okay, now go ask for Mama’s permission.”

Permission was granted, so I confirmed the order online.

Half an hour later the doorbell rang. It was the delivery dude.

Asna went down the stairs, all excited.

“Do you have money to pay for the pizza already?”

I was referring to the money that my mom would have given her earlier, for the pizza.

Seemed like there wasn’t any (Asna hadn’t asked for any), so she was a bit surprised I asked and instead said:

“But I already gave you three ringgit and one hundred and sixty cents!”


My mom later handed the cash for her pizza and chicken nuggets.

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