Definition of rich

While driving days ago, I was having this conversation with Asna about houses (again). She was telling me how this corner lot around our area has a pool inside, that the pool isn’t apparent unless you pass by the house. She discovered this some time ago, when she was walking with my maid on the way to the playground.

“I wish we can have a swimming pool in our house,” she reiterated, fot the 189th time.

She has an obsession with owning a swimming pool in a house. Once she said:

“Cikyong, I think you have rich friends.”


“Because they have swimming pools in their houses.”


I remember her confidently telling me that she’s rich because she’s got a lot of coins in her piggy back some time ago. Time to ask the question again.

“Do you think you’re rich?”

“Nahhhh, I don’t have a swimming pool in my house!”

We can conclude that her KPI for being “rich” is no longer having lots of coins at home, but having a swimming pool instead.

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