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A scarf for Mama

McQueen Scarf

Net A Porter’s end of season sale is finally open to the Asian region recently. Just got my pay and felt like treating my mom, since she’d been expressing an appreciation toward designer scarves lately.

“Mama, Net A Porter’s having a sale right now, do you want a scarf?”


We went to my room to check the range out. There were a few nice ones on sale, but seeing the prices of the ones that she liked, she decided against it. I’m not sure if she realized that I planned on treating her, not merely promoting scarves for her to buy.

So she’s off for a course the whole week and just called me last night to tell me about a Ferragamo scarf that she had gotten at Orchard Road. She said she was contemplating to buy another one since the great Singapore sale is on. It was my cue!

“Mama beli je la the scarf, I’ll pay for you”

And then she laughed. Like really, really, really laughed at the idea like it’s the most ridiculous thing she’d heard.

“Awak hutang Mama pun tak bayar lagi, nak belanja Mama?”

The lady’s got a point. Sigh.

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    June 29, 2013 at 2:05 AM

    Hahahahahaha. Funny your mom!

    • Avatar
      June 30, 2013 at 11:09 AM


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