Asna pretends to be Japanese

Read about my first Bon Odori experience: Bon Odori

Bon Odori

Asna was playing with an traditional umbrella that she’d gotten in Japan. She was holding it, attempting to walk seductively and giving me looks, pretending to be a geisha.

“Hey, the Japanese festival, Bon Odori will be held early next month – the one where people get to wear a kimono. You want to follow me?”

She nodded in agreement.

She knew what I was referring to. Last year when my brother and I went, we asked her if she wanted to tag along, but had refused. After we came back and she saw the pictures, I think she regretted it.

“You can wear your red kimono”

“And can I bring this umbrella?”


“And I can wear my Japanese slippers!”

She has the whole set.

“Hmm. My kimono is red, this umbrella is red, but I can’t wear the red slippers. I think they’re dusty. I might have to wear the purple ones”

She seemed concerned. Still the girl who needs to make sure things she wear match.

“That’s okay, people won’t notice the purple slippers because they’ll look at your umbrella”

So there. She decided on what to wear. And then she twisted the umbrella, made that seductive expression again.

“Do you think Japanese boys will fall in love with me?”


The Japanese Bon Odori Festival is set to be held on 6th of July 2013 at Matsushita Stadium, Shah Alam. Come don your kimono and join the fun! More details here.

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