We’re so vain

A group of us were sitting on a table at Kupang, the workplace’s food court. While we were having lunch, beside me sat a fresh graduate who was only having a drink. Somebody was asking whether he was on a diet (our lunch group began shrinking once more had started getting conscious about their health and shapes). He responded but I didn’t pay attention to the answer.

Anyway, one conversation led to another, he started talking about how harder dating is now.

“Short of supply”

“Of what?”

“It’s hard to find beautiful and smart girls”


Girls on the table were generally offended by this view.

“We’ve got a lot of good looking girls with brains here!”

“Tu la, ramai kot”

We thought he should seriously look around.

Then he further explained:

“Yeah, but the good ones are taken”


The girl who was sitting across me (who’s in a relationship) and I were almost nodding in agreement. Then we caught each other’s reaction and realized… how conceited we were.


But it consoles me to know that we’re not the only ones like that, at the office!

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