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Engagement preparation: Door gifts


When my mum told me to think of an idea for door gifts for the ceremony, I immediately thought of cookies… and I knew where to get them!

Back in high school, there were these really nice cookies that was being sold at the ko-op. The chocolate chip cookies were made by a schoolmate’s mum. My friends and I would excuse ourselves from class just to get ourselves a packet or two. If we were late, the cookies would be sold out. Then, we’d be sad.

I contacted the schoolmate, Iylia Elena, before the engagement ceremony to ask if they were still in business. They were and they’re doing it at a bigger scale, under the name Ahmad Teja Kitchen. Though they now sell the cookies in jars, I had requested that the cookies be packed in pieces of ten, just like old times. I’d planned to package the cookies in small brown paper bags, to give the door gift a homemade feel, then seal it with a label which signifies the day.

I thought packing door gifts for 120 people won’t be a problem, so after I ordered the cookies, I didn’t focus on the door gifts, thinking that I’d be able to handle everything last minute. My friends who were planning to sleep over the night before were also going to help.

But then came a last minute memo — that my mum’s side of the family decided to hold a briefing at my Aunt’s place, the night before the event. So instead of getting things done, I stayed at my Aunt’s, to be part of the briefing. People came late, the briefing ended late and I went home late.

We only picked up the cookies the night before the event. And I totally forgot I hadn’t bought the brown paper bags! I went looking for them at the Carrefour near my Aunt’s house, but the store had none. So I settled for brown envelopes, which looked like a harder and flatter version of brown paper bags.


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I was the earliest to arrive home. My childhood friends, Aishah and Iylia, who planned on sleeping over and giving a hand, got lost for driving at night (previously one of the girl’s ex drove them here all the time). There were only Lisa (who flew all the way from Dubai) and Ika (my cousin) who was assisting me with the door gifts and improvised how the gifts should be packaged. They stayed late and woke up early to continue packing the gifts and sticking the labels. My brother helped in the morning.

Because of this mismanagement, I slept so late… and have troubled these poor people. Shows that you can’t give little thought to what you think are small details. You can’t foresee what will come up!

Anyway, the cookies were good. Guests loved them. Each packet of 10 pieces of cookies only costed me RM2. If you’d like to order some for events or even Eid, check out Ahmad Teja Kitchen’s Facebook page here. The page hasn’t been updated for a while, but they’re still up and running. And ooh, I heard their cheese brownies are mad good.

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