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Engagement prep: Makeup & hair

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Makeup and hair were things I was less concerned of. Hence, I only remembered to book a makeup artiste and hairstylist a month before the ceremony with the help of Azura Liyana (she’s a life saver!) One of her contacts was Rachel, a freelance makeup artist involved in numerous fashion shoots, who’s been in the business for years.

When the booking was confirmed, I was told decide what kind of makeup and hair I’d like on the day. I sent Rachel a picture of Megan Fox in one of the Giorgio Armani Beauty printed ads, for reference:


No, not because I want to look like Megan Fox -_-‘ I like GA Beauty ads! I thought this was one of the best looks from them so far. Very sexy. Like a character that Jack Vettriano could have painted.

I was advised by relatives to wake up and be on location early because makeup will take two hours or more, even when the makeup artiste and I explicitly agreed that we’d meet at 9AM (ceremony scheduled to start at 10.30AM, if my memory doesn’t fail me). So on the day, I was one of the earliest to arrive at the location. In the preparation room, I sat, staring at the mirror to notice the swollen face and red eyes I had from the insufficient hours of sleep. My skin wasn’t in its best condition for weeks, either.

Rachel didn’t come as early as agreed. Relatives and friends have started to arrive, but Rachel still wasn’t there. When I called, she would tell me that she was on her way. I think she got lost or something.

“Isn’t makeup supposed to take long? We’re running out of time.”

“Don’t worry, we’re professionals. Professionals don’t take hours to do makeup.”

At 10 something, Rachel and her assistant arrived, apologizing for being late. While Rachel did my face, her assistant did my hair. She’s a chatty person, so being with her was a little comforting. She mentioned to her assistant a couple of times, how they’re going to make me “look like Megan Fox” (which I find a bit disturbing lol). The whole process was swift, they took less than an hour to complete the job. I don’t know whether professional makeup is supposed to take less time, but she kept mentioning it to me:

“We are professionals, we don’t take two, three hours!”

Okay, okay, okay.

Once she was done, she and her assistant excused themselves. I was supposed to pay Rachel in full, on the spot, but I totally forgot to bring cash FML. Parents then unreachable, but since my good friends were all in the room, they helped me pay Rachel. Please don’t be so kalut like me.

I didn’t like the makeup at first. I thought it was too thick (but the thickness subsided once the makeup began to oxidize) and made me look a little fierce (may also be due to my heavy, sleepy eyelids). From afar, I think the makeup was fine, but at close inspection, it didn’t fully conceal the many tiny bumps infesting my skin at that moment or cover my super puffy eyes.

Makeup Copy
Picture courtesy of Neng.

However, the makeup looks good in photos, judging by the responses I get from people who’d seen it. It looks quite natural and soft, no? I’ve got a couple of ladies asking who’d done it, so I suppose it’s a good thing. But here’s a word of advice, take good care of your skin months prior to the ceremony. Do not pull an all-nighter, especially a day before. It will show.


At the time, I was charged RM500 for her service. If you’re interested in hiring Rachel, contact her through her Facebook page, here.

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    Innanie Ariffin
    July 19, 2013 at 2:36 AM

    wow!!!! nice shot. love the make up too.

    I am the 555-person 🙂

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      July 19, 2013 at 7:33 PM

      Thakns Innanie. And congrats! Nice number haha.

      • Avatar
        Innanie Ariffin
        August 5, 2013 at 5:44 AM

        congratulation. jadi cover blogger for Nuff! 🙂 happy for you!

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