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Engagement prep: Pelamin


Since the package at Felda Villa consisted a free pelamin, my mom and I went to the Felda Villa office not long before the event to look at the pelamin that they have in store, all created by the in-house designer. There were a variety of designs for me to choose from, but nothing tickled my fancy. Hence, I sought help from my friend, designer Azura Liyana from AzuraAzwa Designs for the pelamin, because I know that she’s tasteful and because I trust her judgement.

Normally, Felda would charge clients a fee if they were to invite an outside vendor into the premise. However, we told the inhouse designer that we’d be using his frame and curtains and only wanted to add on a few things for the pelamin.


After consultation, Azura Liyana prepared a few digital sketches, a rough representation of the would be pelamin, months before the ceremony. To be honest, I didn’t put much thought into how I wanted my pelamin to be – I didn’t do a proper survey beforehand. All I knew was, that it needed to be white and simple.

The night before the ceremony, she waited at the venue late at night for the inhouse designer to prepare the frame and curtains before she began. I didn’t supervise the whole process. Left it up to her without high expectations. Relieved as I stepped into the hall the next morning, very pleased to see how nice the pelamin turned out to be!

So would I recommend her for you engagement ceremony? Yes I would.

Learn more about the services and previous work by AzuraAzwa Designs and reach them here.

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    July 3, 2013 at 11:07 PM

    Love it! Sweet and simple:) my styleee too

    • Avatar
      July 4, 2013 at 6:31 PM

      Thanks. Just the way I preferred 🙂

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