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Milky way


My recent acquisition. This excitement over a glitter clutch is a phase I should have outgrown in high school, but at this moment, I’m all for Anya Hindmarch’s Valorie.

When I dragged Reza to the store, I asked what he thought of the colors I had considered. He had a higher opinion of a piece embellished with black and silver glitter, a true stunner that’s so bright, you’d be able to spot it from a mile. Beautiful, but probably a little too loud.

Purse lovers suggested that I get something that I can carry more often instead, which is practical advice. Because of this, I settled with the glitter clutch in dark multicolor. To be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight, but the color really grew on me. Reminds me of the galaxy and stars! The most versatile out of the lot… at least I think.

It’s a beautiful burst of colors, it sparkles, yet low key because it’s dark and (relatively) subtle. I need not wonder to which occasion wearing this would be appropriate, because I think I’d carry this, dressed up or down. It would go well with my wardrobe’s color scheme, too.

I told Reza that I’d finally gotten the clutch when I finally got the clutch. “Which?” he asked. I told him it’s the multicolor. He didn’t quite like it (to which I took no offense).

But, but, I had to tell Asna what he thought, though. Since she absolutely loves the color.

“Asna, you know what? Abang Reza doesn’t like the clutch. He says it’s ugly.”

“What?! How DARE he!”

Hehehe. Yeah, Reza. How dare you!

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  • Avatar
    Shida idris
    July 17, 2013 at 12:17 AM

    Owh, i looovveeee the color. Good coice

    • Avatar
      July 18, 2013 at 8:18 PM

      Thanks Shida!

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