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August 2013

  • Asna

    Traffic jams

    Both of us were on the highway last night, heading toward an open house situated half an hour away from home. It was my first time driving there,…

  • Wedding Diaries

    The ideal nikah dress

    The dress is an important part of a bride’s wedding. You’d expect any normal bride-to-be to be into the process of creating their dream dresses. But I don’t…

  • Japan

    Boys and toys

    From Harajuku, we took a train to Shinjuku and walked to the bus station. Reza was returning to Kofu for some last-minute packing, also to bid farewell to…

  • Asna

    Good sister Asna

    Read this first: Designer Asna The other day, I told Asna that we should start fabric hunting for the dress that she would be wearing on my wedding…

  • Family & Friends

    Rukun Iman

    I thought I’d make it harder for a kid to get duit raya from me. Imad’s seven years old and has always been one of the louder kids…

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