I’m going to Paris

I got dressed before heading to the clinic, yesterday morning. Asna was half-awake when I bid her goodbye. Seeing that I was made up, she asked me where I was going softly, like a person half-awake. I randomly said:

“I’m going to Paris.”

“What? You’re not celebrating Raya with us?”

There was urgency in her voice.

“No, I told you that I’m going to Paris already, kan?”

A few weeks ago, I told her that we won’t be able to hang out as much because I’d be migrating to Paris. It was something I made up out of the blue.

Asna was a bit concerned that I wasn’t going to celebrate Raya with the family and wished me well:

“Well, I hope you’ll be celebrating Raya over there.”

We said our goodbyes and I left the house.

Besides going to the clinic, I ran a couple of errands and came home hours later. I forgot about our conversation in the morning, casually going into my parents’ room to see whether Asna was around. She was glued to the computer, but upon seeing me, she made a fierce face.

“You liar!”


“You said you’re going to Paris!”

Can’t believe she took me seriously -_-‘

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