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The ideal nikah dress

The dress is an important part of a bride’s wedding. You’d expect any normal bride-to-be to be into the process of creating their dream dresses.

But I don’t have a dream dress. Maybe it’s because I’m not very romantic. Maybe, too, because I’m so fickle. As proof, deciding on the fabric and finally taking it home have taken me a few months. In fact, I’d only begun sending emails to potential designers and set appointments for discussion only recently.

When people found out that I haven’t gotten my dresses sorted out, they were surprised.

“What?! When’s your wedding again?”

“In a few months…?

“Aren’t you supposed to get it settled? You don’t look like the type.”

What type? The type who would procrastinate getting her dress done. They seem to have this idea that I would have everything sorted out when it comes to my own wedding.

I know that some brides believe in creating an impact on their big day. They’re fine with wearing their glorious dresses once and later keeping them untouched, in their wardrobes.

Ideally, though, I’d like my dresses to be minimalistic e.g Scha Al-Yahya’s solemnization dress so that I’d be able to wear them over and over again, considering I have an OCD over keeping things that I no longer use or wear. Plus, minimalistic dresses should be more friendly to the bank account, no?

But now that I have brought home this sparkly, subtly beaded, supposed Elie Saab lace that I’ve fallen in love with, I’m not sure whether going minimalist is even possible. I’d have to take a different approach.

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