The love sculpture

Love taking pictures? When you’re in Shinjuku, go see the LOVE sculpture. It promises a different kind of camwhoring experience for you and your entourage.

The LOVE image was originally a Pop Art by American artist, Robert Indiana. The made a sculpture out of the image and it’s been on exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art since 1975. The sculpture has been recreated since and placed in a number of cities worldwide, including Tokyo.

I think we’re drawn to the LOVE sculpture in Shinjuku because it’s super bright. Because of this, maybe, it is said to be one of the more popular meeting spots in Tokyo. If it looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen it on several Japanese dramas e.g. Great Teacher Onizuka.

The sculpture is located not too far away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, near this intersection which connects major roads in the business district. Nine sets of traffic lights on one intersection. Back in KL, we’d just build a roundabout -_-‘

Here’s how to get to the LOVE sculpture from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building:

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