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October 2013

  • Style Diaries

    My DvF Python

    After I got my first DvF dress and loving it, it became a habit of mine to keep on looking for other wrap dresses from the label. It’s…

  • Asna

    I kissed a girl

    Asna and I were on our way to ChurpOut in the afternoon. Whenever she’s in the car, we’d play Katy Perry’s One of the Boys. As usual, while…

  • Asna

    That time at Mesra

    When she goes out with my parents, Asna’s wishes are often granted. When she goes out with me, it’s a different case. Before we go out, I’d explain…

  • Tokyo

    Staying at Shinagawa Prince Hotel

    For the duration of our stay in Tokyo, my brother and I stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The four star hotel is located just opposite the Shinagawa Station,…

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