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My DvF Python

After I got my first DvF dress and loving it, it became a habit of mine to keep on looking for other wrap dresses from the label. It’s somewhat challenging to find what I like since DvF prints are a little over the top for me – I’m more inclined towards the muted ones but they’re like a rare breed. Makes the hunt more exciting and actually good news for my bank account lol.

DVF Dress

Anyway. I was eyeing on this wrap dress on Shopbop. Love the (relative to DvF standards understated print called “Python”. It came in a cut slightly different from my last dress. Omg it’s like love at first sight.

You know me. Suka macamana pun, I try not to pay retail.

I’d already gotten the hang of Shopbop’s sale cycle and I knew the next was coming up. So instead of getting it immediately, I waited, checking on it every now and then to make sure that my size was still around (I always add to cart to check the number of pieces left). My patience paid off when it was discounted by 50% recently and it’s the last piece in store.

It’s arrived. The print is exactly as pictured, it’s sexy and I actually like this cut more. Love it!

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