Staying at Shinagawa Prince Hotel

For the duration of our stay in Tokyo, my brother and I stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The four star hotel is located just opposite the Shinagawa Station, one of the largest stations in Tokyo which connects a couple of major lines, providing direct transfers to the airports.

Unlike the previous hotels I’ve stayed at in Tokyo, this one’s huge, with several towers. We stayed at the main tower, the largest and relatively older tower that’s slowly being refurbished. Hence, some rooms like those on the upper floors are all modern and comfortable, whereas the rest look old. Since we’re on a budget, I booked one of the outdated room for five nights, about US$100 per room per night. Cheap!

The lobby was very busy compared to what I’ve been used to, seemed like it’s a popular place to stay among tour groups. Had to queue, but once we reached the reception, check in was swift.

Our room was on the 9th floor (I think). What I liked about it, is that the room’s spacious according to Tokyo standards — where budget hotels have rooms of the size of a matchbox! And it’s clean. However, the furnishing, outdated. Led me to think that the four star description holds only for the room on the upper floors and the new tower.

The room had twin beds (which weren’t very comfortable, I could feel springs poking my body a little), a mini closet, a mini fridge, a safe, a dressing table and an ensuite bathroom. Oh yes, let’s see the bathroom.

The bathroom’s pretty spacious too! They had a full-sized Western bathtub (also something you don’t see at budget hotels in Tokyo), a proper bidet toilet, different kinds of soaps and toiletries and generous amount of towels. Although it looked a little old fashioned, it was spotless. You can rest and bathe comfortably.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is so big, it hosts an aquarium, a cinema, a small game center and a bowling alley — all, we have passed by but did not try. Doubt that you would have the time, too, if you’re out the whole day. But, just FYI, in case you’d be interested.

Oh yes, during the sakura season, expect to see blooming sakura trees inside the hotel’s compounds.

The only problem we had during the stay was, this one time we returned to the hotel to learn that the room’s out of electricity. Had to call room service and a young and courteous Japanese dude in a suit came over to sort it out. No biggie.

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I think Shinagawa Prince Hotel is a decent hotel because:

  • Despite being old-fashioned, the rooms on the lower floors of the main towers are spacious and clean;
  • They’re are affordable; and
  • The hotel is strategically located and is about a few hundred meters away from the Shinagawa station.

Would I recommend? Yes, but don’t expect too much at this rate. You can learn more about the Shinagawa Prince Hotel on its official website here and see the rates on Agoda here.

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  • Avatar
    Sue Ann
    October 13, 2013 at 4:04 AM

    I really enjoyed my stay in Shinagawa Prince Hotel, the location is great. Didn’t know the tress alongside the little lane are actually cherry blossom trees though, will definitely stay over here if I ever visit Tokyo in spring 😀

    • Avatar
      October 14, 2013 at 9:28 PM

      Please do! We spent half an hour just walking around the smaller lanes to take photos. Behind the hotel and near the houses, there were nice flowers, too.

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