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November 2013

  • Asna

    Troll Asna

    We were accompanying my mum at Ferragamo. Asna was amazed to realize that apart from shoes and handbags, they also sell scarves, clothes and neckties. It’s not her…

  • Asna

    Cold feet

    It was just Asna and I inside our parents room, when she was expressing her excitement toward my wedding. Thought of spoiling her fun and pretending that I’ve…

  • Daily Diaries

    The lost credit card

    Sometimes I take out my credit card from my wallet and place it inside a small drawer in my room on purpose. It’s an effective control mechanism for…

  • Wedding Diaries

    Flowers for the big day

    We’ve got almost everything covered for the solemnization ceremony. Excited to have onboard, a decorator that I’ve admired for quite some time, to create the pelamin on the…

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