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January 2014

  • Asna

    Yeah, I’m so rude

    I was going online on my Macbook inside the living room, when Asna sat beside me to watch what I was doing. While her eyes were fixed on…

  • Daily Diaries

    Move on

    Before I got my licence right after SPM, I already had a car waiting for me, in front of the house. Parents decided that I should have one…

  • Asna

    The best prank ever

    Last Friday, Asna went to the grocery store after school and came home with a capsule she got from a vending machine. Inside it was brown clay. The…

  • Paris

    Staying at Hyatt Regency

    Booked our accommodation only two weeks before we left for Paris. To me, the accommodation needs to be at a good location, enables easy check-in and check-out, provides…

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