Months ago, a couple of us were discussing weddings presents, at the office. Some people think they should make the effort to look for wedding presents, while some think it’s a better idea to give cash.

Considering how painful it is to pay for a reception today, though, most have expressed that they would appreciate receiving money if they were to receive any gift. At the end of the session, we sort of agreed that if we were to give gifts, we’d give each other cash in fancy money envelopes.

But they took it to another level.

“I think I’m gonna buy a frying pan for either Amira or Azalea for their wedding gift.”

“Pans? I have a lot of pans. I want money!”

“I’ll give you cash. Bagi account number, then.”


Although she didn’t have to, another colleague who regretfully missed my reception, gave me a pop-up wedding card (inside it cash) and sent money to my bank account, online, too.

Seriously champions of electronic payment, these people.

Then, someone came up with this idea:

“On my invitation card nanti, I’ll put my Maybank account number so you guys can bank in cash right away.”

I hope he is joking.

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    lily lotus
    January 16, 2014 at 5:56 PM

    wowww trend bagi hadiah kawen ni…kaching! –

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