That time at Tutti Frutti

Asna and I had just left AzuraAzwa for her final fitting, when she requested that I bring her to Tutti Frutti, a few meters away from where we were standing.
Before we got out of the house earlier, I recall her letting me know that she was bringing some money, “So I can buy my own Tutti Frutti, Cikyong.” I was proud that she’s started to become more responsible in that sense — spending own money instead of asking others to buy the things she wants.
So we went into the store and grabbed the empty cups. Asna started filling in hers with a generous amount of frozen yogurt. Then, she proceeded to the counter and started filling it with strawberries and gummy bears.
There was nobody at the counter the whole time. We could hear the azan outside, so I assumed that the cashier was inside, praying. We placed both our cups on the counter.

“I only have RM2.80,” she suddenly told me.

“What! How are you going to pay for your Tutti Frutti?”

She assumed it would be only RM5.30 (unaware that the price is per 100 grams) and that I would be able to chip in. I refuse.

“You put so much, I bet your cup will cost a lot.”

I weighed her cup myself, since the cashier wasn’t around.
WTF it was more than 200gm! I gave her an estimation of how much it would cost and sneakily removed most of the cash I had in my wallet to give her an impression that I didn’t have that much money with me.

“When you said you brought money I thought you were planning to pay for your own frozen yogurt. I only have money to pay for mine now, see!”

Upon realizing that I wasn’t able to help her out, she panicked, took her cup and went to the counter where all the toppings were.

“Maybe we can put these back!”

She was thinking of putting all the strawberries and gummy bears, smothered with strawberry frozen yogurt, back into the trays -_- Had to stop her.

“You cannot put them back once you’ve taken them.”

Shortly, the cashier returned and Asna was blank.
I felt a little sympathetic so I took out my cash and paid for both our cups. On the way back to our car,  I began telling her off for expecting other people to pay for her things.

“Okay, I learned my lesson. Next time I will bring enough money for Tutti Frutti.”

I think now when we go out together, I’ll give her some allowance and make sure she’s aware that’s how much she can spend.

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  • Avatar
    nor'aini ali
    January 26, 2014 at 2:38 PM

    Kesian asna 🙁 its good for u teach her.but pls don’t be so hard on her

    • Avatar
      January 26, 2014 at 8:13 PM

      Don’t think it was hard. In the car we were having our frozen yogurt on the way home and happily chatted. She didn’t get upset because she was aware that she was wrong for expecting me to pay, was apologetic and told me she’s going to pay back what she owes me.

      The next week we went out, she paid for snacks.

      Anytime we get angry at each it’s often short-lived and not very serious. After that it’ll be like nothing’s happened.

      • Avatar
        nor'aini ali
        January 26, 2014 at 8:21 PM

        U know better.u r a good sister m sure.jgn ambik hati ye.

        • Avatar
          January 26, 2014 at 9:35 PM

          Eh tak amik hati. Maybe they way I wrote it made me sound macam garang. But it’s okay la at least you gave me room to clarify further, so thank you.

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