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The dusty pink modern kurung

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Took me one and a half year to get this dress done.

I sent all the fabrics to a designer a few months before raya. Although the dress was meant to be completed within a month, we both got busy and didn’t manage to really follow our initial fitting schedule. After a couple of fittings within the span of nine months and once the beadwork was done, I brought it home last week.

Because of some miscommunication, the modern kurung I had in mind turned out differently. I wanted a modern kurung, embellished with soft drapes on the sleeves and mentioned it to the designer. She imagined and sketched it on paper and to me, looked exactly like what I wanted. But during the first fitting, I was surprised to see it looking different than I imagined.

Maybe our understanding on the sketches are different. Or maybe I’m just bad at expressing what I want.

The dress remained a modern kurung yes, but with a twist — the sleeves were puffed heavier than usual and tight at the end. I’m supposed to pull the sleeves up, making it look like gathered sleeves. Because what I wanted was a simple modern kurung (slim cut with slim sleeves), I felt like my objective was unmet.

They couldn’t change the cut of the dress, hence I had to ask them to get the sleeves tapered. As a result, they had to trim other parts of the top. From comfortable, it became too tight. They adjusted and loosened up the top before I brought it home, but as I tried it inside my bedroom, I noticed that my body was still being squished by the dress, in the mirror. Time to get it fixed.

Anyway, lesson learned — to make sure my designer and I are on the same page from the beginning, always!

On the brightside, super love the beadwork.

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