Hatching eggs

My brother told me that my mum had to return home from work earlier than usual a days ago because Asna was complaining about having a stomachache. He asked whether I knew anything about it, but I didn’t.

“The eggs are hatching!” she said, when my brother requested for more details.


“My friend said the eggs are hatching.”

To get a better picture, I went to see her before bedtime and asked what happened.

“I heard eggs were hatching inside your tummy?”

She turned away.

My brother came into the room and joined me.

“So you have eggs?”

She turned to me and said:

“You have eggs, too. All girls have eggs.”

She pointed to her stomach.

“It’s a girl thing.”


“So the eggs hatched and caused a stomach ache?” I asked.

She ignored me.

“You’re saying you’re an egg that hatched out of Mama?” my brother asked.

She ignored him.

Then she started singing:

“What does the fox say?”

And my brother continued:

“Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg, egg egg egg egg egg, egg egg egg egg egg egg egg!”

And Asna sang again:

“What does the fox say?”

This time she answered it:

“Panty panty panty liner, panty panty panty liner, panty panty panty liner!”

My brother and I looked at each other, clearly confused.


And we exited the room.

I can’t even…

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