Monuments in Paris: Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle took my breath away. The holy chapel was built in the heart of Paris by Louis IX to store important relics, somewhere in 1200s. That makes it super old, in fact, almost ancient. The gothic chapel carries the attributes of architectures built in the medieval period. I find them captivatingly elaborate, at the same time eerie.

At the lower chapel, we could see small stained glass windows. Everything else there, was made elaborate — the ceilings, walls and panels were heavily painted in solid colors. People back then really take aesthetics very seriously.

It was shit gloomy though. Wouldn’t want to be there alone. The chapel is empty, but those days it would’ve been filled with whatever sacred relics the empire managed to acquire. Like in Age of Empires, I imagine the priests making St Chapelle their home — they go out collecting relics, then store and kept their finds guarded here.

Then there was an ancient stairway leading us upstairs.

Soon as I stepped into the upper chapel, I was completely mind-blown. Not kidding. The view was nothing short of majestic. Surrounding us were beautiful stained glass windows on every corner, delicately crafted, each depicting a biblical scene — the highlight of Saint Chapelle.

The stained glass windows have been in existence for centuries. Amazing to think how each piece were cut, colored and arranged hundreds years ago. Respect!

Although some parts of the chapel were destroyed during periods of unrest and have been recreated in modern times, most have survived and are still in the original state. The chapel is being restored every now and then to protect it from further damage. In fact, when we were there, one side of the chapel was undergoing restoration, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our visit.

If you want you be awed, visit Saint Chapelle. Don’t forget to learn more first by visiting Wikipedia and France Centre of National Monuments: Saint-Chapelle.

Bring a good camera, too, OK?

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