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Getting married: The nikah pelamin

I loved my akad nikah pelamin. The pelamin was built by Ari and his team at Ari Wedding Couture, a pelamin designer I’d been following throughout the wedding planning process.

Approaching Ari Wedding Couture

I approached the Ari Wedding Couture team early of last year to ask whether they could do a pelamin for me at my venue. As someone who’s used to making grand pelamin, Ari was a little reluctant to deal with the short time frame Felda had provided us. There won’t be much for him to do. Hiring them for a hall pelamin would cost us a bomb, too.

Fine. Since he wasn’t going to make my reception pelamin… I thought, I’ll make him do my akad nikah pelamin!

That one, I can afford.

During the next appointment, I booked a nikah pelamin with them. It’d be a simple one-panel pelamin with fresh flowers. As reference, I showed them a picture something I like — a simple nikah pelamin made by them.

Pelamin Ari Wedding Couture

Just weeks before the akad nikah, I was called for another appointment. One of the staff took out a A4-sized file with my name on it. Inside it, the customer profile.

On the paper, this guy, Adi sketched another version of the pelamin I liked. He said he’s going to remove the white panel and replace it with a larger mirrored panel. The flowers will hang on the panel just how it’s like in the picture. He also said that he’d add pearls on it. I was quite satisfied with the sketch. He made a copies of the sketch for each of us and saved his inside the file.

Preparing the hall & the supposed site check

They said they were going to come to the house  a week before the big day to do check out and measure the hall, so we needed to have it cleared. For weeks, my family began moving everything to the other side of the house.

But after a few calls, the date kept on being postponed as they were too busy with work and exhibitions. At one point, the PA that they told me that they’d just scrap the site check and come the night before the day, just to build the pelamin.

Didn’t think much of it. I trusted them.

Building the pelamin

The night before the ceremony, at about 8PM, the whole team arrived and started building the pelamin inside the cleared hall. While they were building the stage, I noticed how the panel they’d brought didn’t look like the one we’d agreed on and highlighted this. Arrangements were then made, so that I’d get the right mirror panel.

They also added things that weren’t on the sketch, like a layer of curtain in front of the pelamin — which I didn’t mind. Who would say no to that?

Later that night, Ari himself was at the house to monitor the work.

The outcome

While my relatives looked over the making of the pelamin, I went up to get other things done.

Everyone was telling me that the pelamin turned out to be really nice. Asna was describing it to me in my room next morning, but I had no idea what she was talking about. The pelamin didn’t sound like the what I signed up for.

But it wasn’t until the time of akad nikah, that I could to see how it turned out, with my own eyes.

Pelamin Nikah Collage

I had a simple pelamin in mind, so when I saw it for the first time, I was impressed. Looked nothing like the sketch and less like what we agreed on, but I’m not mad at all because it turned out ten times nicer than what I expected!

For the akad nikah ceremony, Ari Wedding Couture gave us two round shaped cushions to sit on and a small glass table for the groom and wali. The garden bench was provided for bersanding. It’s a 2-in-1.

Parents (who initially questioned the need to pay a lot on pelamin) also gave the pelamin their thumbs up, finally appreciating and acknowledging the work that had to be put in the building it. They were happy with the outcome, too.

So glad I picked Ari Wedding Couture to do the job!

See Ari Wedding Couture on Facebook.

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  • Avatar
    March 28, 2014 at 5:23 PM

    I love the malay wedding culture. So many ceremonies to go through. So grand and always beautifully executed when money is not an issue.

    • Avatar
      April 1, 2014 at 9:42 PM

      Hi Michelle. Must thank the elders who try hard to keep the traditions alive. If it were really up to me I’d only focus on having a single ceremony hehe.

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