My siblings and Pokemon

A few nights ago Asna dragged my mom’s laptop downstairs and trained her Pokemons while my brother was beside her, as usual. After a while, she’d let him control the game.

“You know, Sarah said that Pokemon isn’t for girls. That’s not true!”

Yes, not true. In fact, Asna’s avatar in the game is of a female character with tied purple hair. In the game, she’s Pokemon Trainer “Amanda” — a name she chose herself, a tribute to my colleague Amanda whom she claims saved her life, once (but that’s another story).

“Then, what’d you tell her?”

“I said, no! There are female characters, too! There’s Misty, May…”

My brother, who was playing, interrupted:

“Macam Asna tau je Misty tu siapa”

“Tau lah! It’s the orange haired one!”

“And why is he playing the game for you now?”, I asked her, referring to my brother.

“She’s hopeless”, he replied.

“Asna, do you know what hopeless means?”

“Ugly people?”


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