Monuments in Paris: Notre Dame






The Notre Dame — a glorious cathedral located at the small island, Ile de la Cite is considered as “the religious center” of Paris. The cathedral’s built back in the medieval ages (somewhere in the 1100s), explaining why it looks so gothic.

From a small cathedral, over the years it was extended to what it is today. A lot of work was put into the building, everything is so intricate that you just get why it took 200 years to complete!

We took a brief tour of the cathedral, walking along the chapels and appreciating the statues of the honored saints. There was actually so much to see, but the sun was setting and we had to leave. If we ever return, I think we’d spend more time at the Notre Dame and climb up to the bell tower — the home of Quasimodo… if he really did exist.

A trip to Paris isn’t complete if you haven’t reached Notre Dame — entrance is free.

Don’t forget to learn more first by visiting:
France Centre of National Monuments: Notre Dame

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