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Getting Married: The akad nikah makeup by Najeeb Azami

Reza + Amira-081

One of the earliest services I booked was the makeup. I booked my makeup artists close to a year before the big day — it’s something that you have to do if you want to hire some of the best people in the industry, especially when you’re wedding days are held on a peak wedding month i.e. end of year.

Booking the makeup artist

There are three makeup artists that I admire a lot — Khir Khalid, Sheng Saw and Najeeb Azami. All three are known for their natural makeup for major fashion magazines. I believe in a good makeup artist, hence I was willing to spend a little more on them. On what other occasion can I use the service of any of these men if not for my own wedding?

In the end, I settled with Najeeb Azami. Family and friends have been happy with his service. Plus, he was more affordable than the other two. Tried to book him for both akad nikah and reception, but he was only available on my nikah date. Nevermind, as long as I get to be dolled by him!

Preparation before the big day

I  know that not everything is up to the makeup artist — brides need to play their role, too.

It’s important to rest the day before the akad nikah. Make reservations to pamper yourself — do your hair, brows and nails a day before. Go solo if you prefer. Buy colored contacts, too. I think I did all I thought necessary.

I failed doing the most important thing though, which is getting enough sleep — especially important when you’re the kind of person who needs an 8-hour sleep to look alive. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after what happened the night before my engagement day -_-‘

This is why, ladies, you shouldn’t do things at the last minute. You’ll be too occupied to have a decent sleep!

Getting made up

Reza + Amira-059

Najeeb arrived early in the morning, donning his black baju melayu. On a coffee table, he placed his black makeup box ( or rather, trunk) and started taking out the things that he would put on my face. He put some sexy music on loudspeaker and started doing my makeup.

Reza + Amira-068

At the time I was half-cranky from lack of sleep. I had a major headache. The veins on my hands and toes were showing. My eyebags became worse and my eyelids were beginning to droop. Didn’t even feel like talking to the bridesmaids lol. Worse bride ever.

To not let myself fall asleep, I talked to Najeeb. He’s a really nice guy. Throughout, he was sharing his beauty tips with me, like where to buy the best foundation and false lashes. He was also passionately telling me the places I should go in Paris, a city he seems to be very fond of.

Within 20 minutes of makeup and chit-chat, he turned a zombie me into this:

Reza + Amira-061

Well, I still look a zombie without any lip color or gloss… but not bad kan?

After that I changed into my dress.

Wearing the veil

Najeeb then proceeded to help me wear my veils. My hair was secured in a bun. I wore three layers — the inner, the chiffon scarf and after that, the lace veil.

Reza + Amira-082

Reza + Amira-092

Reza + Amira-101

Reza + Amira-117

He was experimenting what would look best on me.

By the end of the makeup session, I was quite happy with how I looked:

Redza + Amira-112

There’s no way I could’ve worn the veils all by myself!

The outcome

Reza + Amira-137

I really loved the outcome! Loved what Najeeb did to my face. The makeup looked very natural — I still looked like myself, but a lot better! Family and friends approved.

Felt very honored to have him do my face. I wish he could doll me up every day!

Lessons learned

The makeup looked really good. Despite that it was becoming apparent, how tired I was past noon. My eyebags began looking more prominent, my eyelids became heavier and began drooping further, my lips looked so pale once the lipgloss came off and my veil was in a mess.

So how do you not screw up like I did, even after hiring the service of an amazing makeup artist?

If I haven’t stressed it enough, let me do it again — GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Especially if you’re prone to have huge eyebags, drooping eyelids and migraine if you don’t. You’ll be doing the makeup artist a favor. His or her work will look its best on a good canvas.

On the day, get your maid of honor to look after you. Let her hold your lipgloss, blotting powder and eyelid tape (no, I can’t stand drooping eyelids). Touch up whenever you need to — you need to look good 24/7.

Anyway, please hire Najeeb for your big day. Ladies I know who have had the privilege to have him as a makeup artist have been very happy with his service.

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  • Avatar
    April 24, 2014 at 9:48 AM

    do you mind sharing with us the tips you got from him?
    best foundation and all?

    • Avatar
      April 26, 2014 at 9:01 PM

      I was half-asleep so I don’t remember much (a waste, I know). I asked about foundations and remember him recommending Michael Kors! He told me to buy that i Paris, though -_-‘

  • Avatar
    April 24, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    Do you mind sharing the starting price for his makeup service?

    • Avatar
      April 26, 2014 at 8:53 PM

      I don’t mind but he might… so it might be best for you to check with him directly. You can email me too, if you want.

  • Avatar
    April 24, 2014 at 2:21 PM

    Mia, u look dashing on your wedding day. How much, if you don’t mind sharing, did Najeeb charged you for his services?

    • Avatar
      April 26, 2014 at 8:55 PM

      Thank you. I don’t mind sharing, but he might mind, so it’s better for you to ask him directly. You can email me too, if you want.

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