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May 2014

  • Asna

    Asna saw the Queen

    Since she left for her little Eurotrip, Asna has been sending me texts almost every other day. She would take over my mum’s phone when she wakes up…

  • Japan Tokyo

    Back to Tokyo

    Last week we flew back to Tokyo. Unlike the previous trips, that time we’re going to Tokyo as complete tourists (previously, Reza was there as a student). Since…

  • Asna

    Asna left for a trip

    Asna just left for a mini Eurotrip with parents. The past few days she wasn’t able to eat or sleep well because she was too excited. She wants…

  • Asna

    Running errands with Asna

    I asked Asna to accompany me to run some errands yesterday. She was watching videos on Youtube and told me that she would only go out with me…

  • Asna

    When I let Asna win

    Everytime Asna wants to pick a fight, she’ll start saying “Mama loves me more….” When my mum catches her saying that, she would say, “Cakap la macamtu. Nak…

  • Paris

    Food in Paris: Berthillon

    Before I left for Paris, someone familiar with the city texted to tell me to try ice-creams from Berthillon. Since it’s something recommended in the Paris guidebook I’ve…

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