Food in Paris: Berthillon

Before I left for Paris, someone familiar with the city texted to tell me to try ice-creams from Berthillon. Since it’s something recommended in the Paris guidebook I’ve been reading, too, I figured we should.


History of Berthillon

This, I read somewhere online.

Berthillon is a small luxury ice-cream company established in the 1950s. The owner was running a small time businessman back then. This one time, he tried making ice-creams and it was so good that he opened a small store at Ile Saint Louis, which still exists today. The shop is also run by the descendants of its founder.

Berthillon ice-creams are made only with premium natural products. The ice-creams are exclusively sold in the Berthillon store and a few cafes around the Ile Saint Louis.

Our Berthillon experience


We were walking toward the islands, admiring the view of the city at night, when I was reminded that we had yet to try out the ice-creams at Berthillon. Depending on my guide book, we walked toward Ile St. Louis. Shops were closed at the time, but I saw one place that was brightly lit and I saw it — “Berthillon”. It was one of those cafes that were selling Berthillon ice-creams.


We wanted to go inside the small café, but it was fully occupied. Although it was cold, we ordered a scoop each for €2,50 anyway, from the window. Abricot for me, Chocolat Nougat for him.


We’re no ice-cream connoisseurs, but we think the ice-creams were pretty good — above average and very rich with flavor, especially Reza’s Chocolat Nougat. If only we’d tried these out sooner. Not just us OK, critics also dubbed the ice-creams the best in the world.

Anyway go check out Berthillon ice-creams at Ile Saint Louis. Here’s a map to lead you to the main store:

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    May 20, 2014 at 1:54 PM

    Glad you tried the ice cream!! 😀

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      May 22, 2014 at 10:21 PM

      Thanks for recommending 🙂

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