Running errands with Asna

I asked Asna to accompany me to run some errands yesterday. She was watching videos on Youtube and told me that she would only go out with me if I answered her riddle.

[heading h=”h3″ font=””]The prerequisite[/heading]

She asked me:

“There’s a small mouse but he’s slow and a fat mouse but he’s really fast. There’s a race and both were running. The small mouse goes into a small hole, but the fat mouse couldn’t. Suddenly, the fat mouse is inside the hole. Why?”

I played along and tried answering

“Because the fat mouse teleported?”


“Because the hole is actually big?”


Seriously, how would I know? So I got malas and said:

“Because the fat mouse smashed the wall and got inside the hole.”


What -_-‘

Since I got it right, she she shut down the computer and agreed to go with me.

[heading h=”h3″ font=””]The scare[/heading]

As Asna was picking up her shoes from the other side of the house, I hid behind one of the armchairs. When she was about to pass by I jumped and scared her, making her scream on top of her lungs.

“Oh my god, you scared the wingding out of me!!!”

(After that I had to google to what “wingding” is… because sometimes she uses words I don’t know.)

[heading h=”h3″ font=””]At the grocer[/heading]

We went to the grocer to pick up Reza’s favorite fruit juice. She asked if she could buy milk because she hadn’t had it for a while. As we were browsing for milk, she paused and remembered “the food chart” that I showed her earlier, telling me she shouldn’t have dairy because according to the chart, milk makes her asthma worse.

So she asked me whether she could have butter cookies instead, led me to where it was. Fancy German made butter cookies in a rectangular box. “I’ve tasted this, it’s absolutely lovely!”

Ok. I let her have the “absolutely lovely” butter cookies.

Then I asked, “Do you want anything else? Like healthy food for yourself?”

Instead of being delighted, she frowned and was skeptical.


“Go look for something.”

“Why do you want to buy me more food? You want to waste money ah?!”


“Taknak sudah!”

[heading h=”h3″ font=””]At the carpark[/heading]

We saw kittens at the grass near our car. Instead of driving home, I started the car, left the engine on and asked Asna to come with me to see the kittens. She went out of the car to look at the kittens, cooing and explaining to me what they were e.g. Tabby etc. (I have no idea where she learns this). As soon as she saw me stepping further from the car to see the cats (it was only a few meters!), she stepped back and returned to the side of the car.

“Cikyong, come back!”

“Wait lah, I want to look at this kitten. I wish I could kidnap it!”

“Cikyong, the engine’s on! What are you doing? Do you want people to steal our car?!?!”

I ignored her.


To stop her from nagging any further, I went back into the car and we drove home.

[heading h=”h3″ font=””]At the slope[/heading]

Before we returned into our housing compound there was a traffic on a slope. There was a boom gate at the front and we were waiting for our turn to go in. She was nagging about something, so to make her shut up I decided to scare her a little. There was no car behind us, so on that slope, I put the gear on N, released the brake and let the car slide down.

She was screaming on top of her lungs again and scolded me:



Despite all the nagging, I find hanging out with my kid sister very therapeutic, because she always has something ridiculous to say.

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    May 26, 2014 at 8:49 PM

    I had to google wingding too. Haha!

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