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My Vara wallet

Just before I started working, my mum bought wallets from Aigner. They’re continental wallets made of elkskin, with 2 ID slots, 14 credit card slots, 4 receipt slots and 1 compartment for coins. Super practical. My mum decided to use the one in black and handed me the one in beige. For years I carried only this light-colored wallet and although it remains functional, it looks very worn on the outside. So I began toying with the idea of a new wallet.

If I wanted a continental wallet during my more carefree days, right this moment I just want a wallet that’s compact. I hoped for something that can fit into small bags, preferably a bi-fold wallet. Women’s wallet are usually so fat, that I contemplated on getting a men’s!

I’ve hit the malls with my mum to see if there’s anything I could get to replace the beige wallet. Was keen on a few but couldn’t decide. My mum told me to figure it out and tell her what I want before she leaves for Paris.

But before I flew back to KL at Haneda Airport, I saw the wallet. It was love at first sight — a FerragamoVara French wallet in hot pink!


Immediately, I asked the super nice sales associate to take it out of the glass display case, for me. I inspected the wallet and the tag and was surprised that it’s more affordable than what I had anticipated (obviously cheaper than home).

Reza went out to look for things for his friends at the airport, while I hung out with the sales associate. I then took pictures of the wallet to show my mum and called her to ask whether it’d be a good buy. She was supportive.

Reza came back to the store.

“Can I have it???”

No, he wasn’t going to buy it from me lol. I just needed to seek approval to purchase.

He asked me whether I was sure, because I usually think potential acquisitions over and over before deciding. I excused myself from the shop for a good five minutes… ended up feeling very sure that this was the one.


The wallet is made of embossed calfskin and has 1 ID slot, 10 card slots, 1 cash slot and a coin purse which fastens with a Vara bow. Functional, compact and durable. Reza asked:

“This color, you sure?”

He was shocked that I picked hot pink. Knowing me, I’d probably get a “macho” color.

He’s not the only one:

Liyana's Reaction


But that’s the thing… beneath all the machoness I may *ahem* exude, I have a thing for hot pink — for years I have maintained a hint of the color on this blog and hello, my first Bbag was in hot pink!

So I got the wallet. The lady kept on giving a bow, clasping her hands, thanking me for buying the wallet — like it made her day. She also thanked Reza for carrying a Ferragamo clutch lol. Took the shy sales associate some convincing before she was willing to take a picture with us:


I’m going to take care of it the best I can. One day when it gets old… I’ll just stare at the pictures on this post heh.


You can check out the Vara Continental Wallet at

Vara Wallet

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  • Avatar
    June 5, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    Oh, actually me too, only have ‘macho’ colours for my wallets. But I think there’s just one moment that out of the blue the preference is 180 degree the opposite, in this case that choice of colour.
    But still, it looks beautiful! Practical as well. haha maybe I’m just biased as I’m a big fan of that signature bow from Ferragamo.

    • Avatar
      June 7, 2014 at 1:45 PM

      Thank you Mira! Some colors… we just can’t resist!

  • Avatar
    June 5, 2014 at 3:03 PM

    You and Reza look absolutely perfect together. You guys are such a sweet-looking couple! 🙂 I always love your stories on your shopping and purchases because you’re careful with money. I like that! Thanks for sharing all these lovely stories.

    • Avatar
      June 7, 2014 at 1:47 PM

      Lol. Thanks Mimi! Just trying the make the most of everything. I love reading shopping experiences, too hehe.

  • Avatar
    Nazneen Zainal
    June 6, 2014 at 7:55 PM

    I salute you for being able to use a small wallet! I can never.. lol! Always need the longer wallet type xx

    • Avatar
      June 7, 2014 at 1:50 PM

      That’s what I thought, too!!! However since I now keep most of my cards at home — except IDs and one credit and debit card, a smaller wallet is good.

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