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Reza’s nasi lemak

The first time I tasted a dish prepared by Reza was about five years ago. Aishah, Iylia and I had just arrived at his place in Kofu. Being the charming host, he fed us three hungry ladies with a home cooked meal: nasi lemak. I was quite impressed and it turned out the girls were, too. We thought that the nasi lemak was really good, especially the sambal.

Not sure what led to it… but lately I was thinking about the nasi lemak and was craving for it.

Knowing that we’ll have the kitchen to ourselves this weekend, we decided to be relatively more adventurous for breakfast and make his nasi lemak!

The next morning, he went out to the grocer to get the ingredients, things we don’t already have at home.

Then we began. He was the chef, I was the assistant (more like the sambal mixer). He did most of the work, at the same time trying to teach me how it’s done. After more than an hour of helping him prepare the rice, condiments and the wicked sambal, here’s the result:

Nasi Lemak Reza

Reza’s nasi lemak feat. Mia looks and tastes pretty good. Proud of it!

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