Staying at Graphy Nezu

For our stay in Tokyo, we booked a hotel at lovely neighborhood at Ueno just a night before leaving for Tokyo — totally a last minute decision! Hotel Graphy Nezu is just a few minutes walk from the Nezu metro station and Ueno park. We were more drawn to this hotel over other options because of its different concept.


Hotel Graphy Nezu is part of the Social Apartments sprawled across Japan. It’s like a more luxurious version of a guesthouse. The rooms are modern and relatively larger than many hotels at the same price point — some have en suite bathrooms (obviously more expensive), some don’t. In each room, there’s a flat screen TV, a fridge, an electric kettle and cups. The hotel provides a hairdryer, towels and toothbrushes, too. On every floor, there are shared bathrooms.

The hotel has a communal lounge where we could meet guests from around the world. Beside the lounge, was a modern kitchen and dining hall that can accommodate many guests.


Check in was pretty swift. The staff had no problems conversing in English. Since we’ve paid for the room, all we had to do was present our passports. The staff handed us the key (literally an old-fashioned key) to our room.


Once we checked in, we were expected to take off our shoes, placing them inside cabinets (each room has a designated shoe cabinet) and then putting on the hotel’s slippers.

Our room is on the second floor. We were told that Graphy Nezu has no elevators, just stairs. Good thing we packed light, dragging our bags a floor up wasn’t so bad.

Here’s the room:


Room was retro! Very minimalistic, but had all the things we needed.


The wooden desk was complemented with a wooden chair, the seat covered with dark green velvet fabric. On top of the desk, a retro lamp and alarm clock.


The bed was a small double. The pillows and bed weren’t as comfortable as I hoped, but loved the fluffy quilt! Beside the bed was a basket with our toiletries:


Lucky us, the communal bathrooms were just in front of our room:


There are toilets for both men and women on every floor, but shower room for separate genders on separate floors. They were clean and well-maintained.

On the ground floor are where most of the amenities are. First, there’s a lounge:


Beside it, was the dining room and the kitchen. There were cabinets, labeled with the number of each room, for the guests to store their food. The hotel provided utensils and cutleries, as well as toasters, kettles, microwave ovens and an electric stove. Anytime we feel hungry in the morning or at night, we could go down and fix ourselves something. Saves us money from eating out, too.


On our last night there, we went to the bar that’s located at the entrance to have a drink.


Thought it’d be good to use the coupon given to us during check-in — a buy one free one voucher for drinks. We sat outside, had hot latte and chilled at the terrace. It felt… cool.


Anyway, would I recommend Graphy Nezu? Yes I would. The room has enough, love the deco of the hotel and the whole “social apartment” concept. Would recommend if you like walking around a quiet neighborhood, a modern and minimalistic accommodation and don’t mind using a communal bathroom or climb the stairs.

Learn more by visiting Hotel Graphy Nezu’s official website and read reviews about it on Tripadvisor.

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  • Avatar
    Sue Ann
    June 4, 2014 at 2:31 PM

    Your photography skills made it look so nice and hipster. I want try also next time! Hahahaha

    • Avatar
      June 4, 2014 at 8:53 PM

      It’s not any skill that I have! It’s really a super hipster hotel 😀

  • Avatar
    June 16, 2014 at 7:50 PM

    Hi mia going to tokyo in a few days n came across your blog. Just want to make sure since i have the passport with the embedded chip i dont have to apply for visa right? That was what i understand when i read the embassy’s website. Hope you can help!! And really hope i got this right coz i only hv a few days left. Thx!!!

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